Artist Statement

I'm a Chicago-based photographer specializing in conceptual fashion photography and portraiture. I have expertise in fundamental lighting, portraiture lighting, creative direction and a strong base of post-productionworkflow and image editing. I derive my inspiration from the interaction humanity has with itself and the world; naturally, culturally, socially and politically. I’ve worked on various photo-projects with other creatives and those facilitated by clients ranging from landscape, special events, and live music to food photography. 

 I remember a particular memory of back when I was 4 years old living with my family in Nairobi, Kenya. On one sunny afternoon, I was sitting on a bed with a photo magazine spread between my tiny hands. I examined all the photos, full of curiosity and wonder. Although I couldn’t read the articles they accompanied, the photos told me stories all on their own. Decades later, it all came to a full circle. I am a photography-based artist who creates narratives with images.

- Grace Lul

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